Uta no Prince sama, Priqlo Photoshoot!

I’m really sorry for the lack of update!
my blog is getting so boring here oh dear… (ಠдಠ)
but anyway, I’m finally updating again LOL.
so here goes!

In case you didn’t know, Priqlo is actually an April Fools joke thingy by Broccoli in 2013.

somewhat like a uniqlo + utapri collab yea? xD
the shirts do look nice so why not? THEY SHLD TOTALLY MAKE IT REAL. LOL.

many thanks to dear xiaobai and Dan for inviting me to the team.
(Sorry I was quite reluctant at first due to my overflowing list of plans… =_=)
but I’m glad to be part of it! the shoot was soooo much fun! :D

did my make up at home and went to the studio in almost full cos.
since the outfit is like normal outfit, it is totally cool to do that LOL.

and done! thanks to xiaobai dear for lending me the wig. (ai-chan’s wig at the back LOL)

reiji is bored. lol!

anyway here goes camwhore shots while I wait for my turn to shoot. =p

and me playing with the props…

I think I looked fabulous with those sunflowers….PFFFT

Reiji being bored again….and decided to pin up that annoying fringe because it is making my face itchy. LOL.
many said I became another character hahaha!

anyway the shoot was a lot of fun and awesome becos of everyone!
thanks to the dear helpers and photographer too!

thanks for reading! :D


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