Bloodlad Photoshoot!

oh yea!
not too sure if anyone here watched Bloodlad too but I think this series is really awesome! :D
/apart from the fanservice aka all the boobs LOL

I read the manga too and I really loved the interaction between Staz and Fuyumi.
Their meetup is really interesting too hahaha! *v*
so uh thanks to vic for agreeing to be my fuyumi, we decided to cosplay this pair from the series, the version which consist of my favorite part HUEHUEHUE.

Anyway, woke up early and headed over to the location to prepare…

since I needed time to make my skin white.. TvT

then done…

I actually looked a lot scarier IRL. x__x

anyway my fuyumi also arrived shortly after so camwhore!

and with the kowaii trio helpers lolol!

found le photog sitting outside the toilet too haha!

and it is finally to move to the location for shoot!

wore mask becos i really look too scary to the public. =x

some behind the scene….

yes the sun…no mercy and my make up melting like nobody’s business. D:

glam and unglam… my fuyumi is actually a man. LOL.

the swing there also makes it a combo for romantic shots… haha!

yumi and her awesome part supporting the reflector…..her knee. LOL!

anyway we moved on to the second part, when staz gave fuyumi his pink shirt…

yep I made my fuyumi expose her boobs. /shot

but yep group shots!

It was just a few shots so the second part ended quite quickly, but still many times to everyone the shoot is complete!
can’t wait to see the pics too.
a “preview” from dear jovelle…

thanks for reading lol!


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