Sekaiichi Hatsukoi x Brothers Conflict Photoshoot!

yes finally gonna update on my shoot from last last week!
so uh was kinda dragging the plan since last year and when I decided to cosplay it for last CF, I also decided to confirm the shoot this year.
which we did, much thanks to my dear kisa-san~

Booked hotel and we prepared inside while the helpers and photographer rot around lol!
and we are done!

look at my lovely kisa-san! :D
the first part is when Yukina is preparing for his fashion walk so without the flower outfit~

then uh with one of my helper and moe photographer!

and yes we moved to the second part of the shoot, fashion walk yooooo.

after that, to the third part…. R-18 scenes. /cough

nothing yet, since it is the start. will post more when I get the pics LOL!!!

anyway we ended the shoot around dinner time and yay for dinner!

didn’t remove my make up since I have a part 2 shoot.
so I watched Kill la Kill while having my dinner in the hotel.
totally wrong mood due to wrong series hahahaha!

then uh, preparing for part 2, Brothers Conflict!

but smart me forgot to bring my black blazer so I had to shoot without it.
almost wanted to hit my head against the wall for making such mistake. OTL

anyway with my beautiful sister~

with moe son and helper~

yumi stopped cosplay for about 2 years so she was rather excited cosplaying again.
but I guess she still wasn’t ready for Nik’s attack so it was difficult for her hahaha!

random shots…

and we are done after about 2-3hours since I’m rather dead after that…

yay for group pic!

removed my wig….LOL.

then yes, after cos shots!

our dear helper fell asleep while we shoot…. PFFFT.

and that is all!
really a fun shoot tho I kinda KO-ed quite long after that hahaha!

thanks for reading!


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