Valentine’s Day + JB Trip updates!

late update on valentine’s day LOL.
it was rather random but I end up spending this day with my laogong yumi. LOL.

Reiko and I got her hello kitty balloons as surprise gift haha!

very big, so big that I almost didn’t want to walk beside her PFFFT.

but anyway I also stayed over at her place, we decided to watch sekaiichi then KO…
it was a rather interesting vday celebration for me I guess haha!

moving on to JB trip with the usual gang! 8D

yes YOLO trip ftw hahaha!

the very nice duck place nik recommended, missed it so much I asked him to bring us there again! *v*

featuring very cute alvin. OMG HAHAHAHA!

then of course, KTV YOOOOOOOOOO~

the usual shopping and eating trip but extra fun because of the people!

can’t wait for the next one! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”


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