Kill La Kill Photoshoot!

yay! update on the shoot last weekend!
Ever since nik introduce this anime to me, I got hooked sooooo badly! lol!
Not to mention the OST was done by my ultimate favorite composer, Hiroyuki Sawano, it just added more awesomeness to this series!
So I got really pumped up and decided to have a shoot!
Many thanks to dear jovelle for agreeing to being my adorable mako too!

rushed the outfit in one night and almost fainted. OTL
but thanks to the OST, I managed to work extra fast on this hahaha!
Thou the skirt is a little too short. =x

Anyway, the night before, Jovelle and I decided to make bento for the shoot but we were kinda troubled since the bento prepared by mako’s mum have to look really deadly. щ(ಥДಥщ)
Due to being last minute, we can’t really make the exact thing so we just gonna make it normal looking I guess. LOL.

So uh, woke up early and make up done at home!

yes I changed to the outfit as well since it will be difficult to change at the location.
mum totally judging it when she saw me walking around like that. HAHA!

then the bento. thank god to my mum who helped me. TvT

Then finally, arriving at the location and done!


camwhoring with my helpers and photog!

some behind the scenes…

mako having her shots taken!

very hardworking jes helping with the smoke lol!

fabulous photog with fabulous pose.

more of fabulous nik. LOL!

Then group shot!!!

Thanks to everyone for the help.

and uh…

not sure how but everyone challenged themselves to walk this pole thing… video here:

also, we found out that nik can make a very very good mako too.

yes it is like mako face with gamagori body. /shot

further enhancement by jes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

just for LULz but we did this again… this time it is Kiryuuin viotsuki. pffft.

Anyway we headed to korean BBQ for lunch, then taiwan cafe for dessert and finally…

featuring fabulous nik again hahaha!

it was a really fun day!

will be posting pics from the shoot soon!
thanks for reading! :D


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