Cecil x Nanami Photoshoot!

yes finally have shoot for this despite completing the outfit since last year, long long ago LOL~
since we have time, vic and I decided to do two versions at once on the same day!
thanks to her for being crazy with me LOL!

finally cosing my dear cecil!!!
fell in love with him when he appeared! (but my ultimate love is still ittoki haha)

anyway as the outfit is white, we started with 2000% first!

make up done!
I was late and got held back becos of the make up so we end up having only a short while to shoot this ver. T.T
apologies to my dear hanhan for having to wait for us. orz
but it was still good since we got plenty of shots~
and uh…camwhore time!

not sure what happened to me but I looked super uke that day. (*T▽T*)

anyway, we 'transformed' to another version at the later half of the day!

this outfit was also done quite some time ago and im glad I could still fit in…

then with my nanami-chan~

behold the uke face me again…

with my awesome saikang and photographer~

many thanks to hanhan for the polariod!

then finally, group pic!

after the shoot we went off to meet reiko and nik since they had shoot that day too.
then nik…

being kiampah as usual HAHAHA!!

it was a really fun shoot eventho it was short becos of me. T.T
But i enjoyed it! :D

thanks for reading~ (´ω`★)


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