Uta Prince Senpai Photoshoot~ Are you ready?

Gonna update this post since it is supposed to be for Valentine’s day!
Eventho I’m late, here comes the update! (。-ω-)

made the outfit last year and finally got to wear it! LOL!

booked the studio at 10am so we all had to be there on time.
since it is quite far away, I had to wake up extra early to do my make up…

on my way to fetch reiko as well lol.
had swollen eyes but no idea why.
tried concealing it as much as I can with make up but somehow it still showed so MEH.

then uh..arrived in the studio!
getting ready so here are some behind the scenes….

very hardworking yumi and jovelle tying balloons then xiaobai and athen setting up for ai-chan to shoot. lol.

anyway, make up done!

and yes I got caught camwhoring LOL!

some camwhore pics before the shoot starts!

then shoot start…

and while everyone get their shots done., ranmaru stole different characters to have shoot at another corner…


moving on…some slacking section while other people were shooting…

yea there were playstation there so why not. PFFFT.

then more behind the scenes…

then me disturbing people…


and finally, more camwhores!

yumi trying to take the heart shape pic using jes’s cam…

and here’s how the end result look haha!

love it!

how to play with yoga maps…

presenting our awesome kowaii trio helpers:

and group camwhore! *v*

CNY steamboat dinner with everyone!

it was a really fun day eventho it was kinda tiring.
the photos turned out well too, many thanks to everyone’s help!

shall end the post with this becos I find nanami damn adorable here LOL!
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone~ (´ε` )♡


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