CNY Celebration Part 1!

oh yeah!!
Lunar new year is quite a big event for Chinese so we usually celebrate this festival more than the default New year on the 1st.
We follow the lunar calendar so it is actually 1st Jan on the lunar calendar haha!

Anyway, on the eve of CNY, we usually have reunion dinner together as to symbolize “be blessed every year”.
For my family, we always have steamboat…


For me, I always loved the eve of CNY the most because this is the day when we can just keep eating the whole day and of course, MAHJONG!

sorry if I sounded really aunty but I cannot spend my cny eve without mahjong. so yep. LOL!

anyway my sis friend also made us very cute choco brownies~

then uh moving on, featuring my nephew…

yep my sis popped by after celebration at her side, then we played with this little boy. LOL!

so on the eve, we tend to stay awake longer than usual, which is the tradition call Shou Sui (守歲).
therefore my bro and I just spent the time nuaing in front of our com while our parents KO-ed. LOL.

and to the first day, 大年初一!
we usually go to relatives’ places to 拜年~
but before that, my family will go to the temple near our place to pray.
anyway, some camwhores. lol!

featuring my nephew again, his first lolipop given by Grandma…

I said “let me try the lolipop too…” while trying to camwhore with him, he just poke the lolipop over. LOL.
Anyway that is all for first part.
Second part to be updated soon!


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