Updates on my Social Media Accounts~

and so uh, previously in 2012 I made an update on my Social Media account…

Anyway, I recently did a clean up on my accounts so here I am updating it again.
So do feel free to follow me anywhere or it is totally fine if you don’t.
Just to show where am I most active in hehehe~

Very active
not very active

1. Twitter

Type: Very active
URL: https://twitter.com/viospace8D
Comments: I post almost everyday. Even though most of them are just random spams, I’m still rather ‘noisy’ here so yes I’m definitely keeping this account. :D

2. Facebook.

Type: closing
URL: facebook.com/viospace
Comments: Decided to close this account and migrate onto a Facebook page instead. So if you are still interested to follow my updates on Facebook, you can do so here:

3. Deviantart.

Type: active
URL: http://viospace.deviantart.com/
Comments: I prefer uploading my cosplay photos here than any other sites so most of my cosplay photos will be here. I update every 2-3 days but my replies to comments are very slow so sorry about that. OTL

4. Cure.

Type: closed
URL: curecos.com/profile/?ch=165109
Comments: I used to use this account to stalk people but seldom do it now. And since I no longer update it, I decided to close it.

5. WorldCosplay.

Type: closed
URL: worldcosplay.net/member/viospace
Comments: Same as Cure, I decide to close this account as well so I can concentrate on dA.

6. Tumblr.

Type: active
URL: http://viospace.tumblr.com/
Comments: Same, I cheated. I used the schedule thing so it is updated daily. LOLOL. I kept this account to uh, read BL stuffs so you can ignore it. Most of them are just R18 contents hahahaha! /shot

7. Youtube.

Type: not very active
URL: http://www.youtube.com/user/viospace8D/videos
Comments: Well I don’t really have much videos to upload so this is not active. But I’m using youtube almost everyday lol.

8. Ask.fm

Type: Very active
URL: http://ask.fm/viospace
Comments: Any questions for me? xD

9. Weibo

Type: Very active
URL: http://www.weibo.com/viospace
Comments: Spam here almost everyday too but it is all in chinese so if you are interested, feel free to follow! :D

10. Instagram

Type: active
URL: http://instagram.com/viospace
Comments: Upping random pics frequently so keeping this definitely since I loved the app too! xD


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