Kaichou wa Maid-sama + Ao no Exorcist Photoshoot!

yay! second shoot of the year, with nik again lol!
and this time with dear as my partner.
we were supposed to shoot Gintama but reiko’s prop couldn’t make it on time so we had to change plan.
it is easy for us to switch plans since we have like a huge list of backlogs…./stares at list and faints

so the chosen plan will be the two lovey dovey pair which we have delayed for more than 3 years. PFFFT.
starting off with kaichou wa maid sama!

done with makeup and MY PANTS FINALLY SAW DAYLIGHT!!!
it has been like kept in my cupboard for more than 5 years omfg. /discovers molds

and with my very pretty kaichou~

our moe photographer nik and helper jovelle~ ♥

then we moved on to ao no exorcist!!

make up done for this pervy boy!
I liked him actually, because he is just soooo cute in the series! (but rin is still my ♥)

with my izumo-channnn~

and uh moe nik and jovelle again~ xD

more shots…

finally, group shot!

many thanks to jovelle also for coming eventho she have something on after that.

anyway we headed to bugis for dinner and dessert….

then we found a chair that looked very ‘satsuki’. PFFFT.

that is all, thanks for reading! O(≧∇≦)O


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