Nyan Nyan Photoshoot~

Oishi Nyan~☆

Yes uh so I decided to cosplay this version of Sheryl Nome since I’m too big size for Ranka LOL!
Many thanks to Vic for lending me the outfit and shoes! hurrr~
Thank god I could fit into the outfit tho it is still too short somehow. OTL

Anyway did my make up at home and went out to meet the rest at Chinese Garden to change~

and uh I’m done!


It was really windy that day so my wig turned from being messy to a disaster.

and uh my skirt was really short that I keep 走光-ing. T.T

one of the behind scene from Vic~

My body is sooooo stiff that I always end up having body ache after posing.
This kind of poses really challenged my body since I don’t exercise. HAHAHA! /dies from muscle ache

Meet my very kawawii photographer!

thanks to him, I managed to look really girly in front of the cameras LOL!

And my lovely helpers haha!

Athen came as she wish to practice photography so she became my secondary photog.
And she couldn’t stand my expression the moment I stop posing for Nik. /too manry LOL
Vic was my uh, pose director since she has alot more girly poses. (Y)

Finally shoot ended!
and featuring the…

Neo Artstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong dim sum. (ಠಠ)

Anyway we headed for dinner and also meet up some other people.
Alvin also came to pass us omiyage!!
Including our expired tokyo banana LOL.

attack of moe nik. (Y)

The photos are mostly done so I will be upping them soon!
Can’t wait for CNY~~~ (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。)


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