Gintama Photoshoot, Last shoot of the year 2013!

Yep, always try to end my year with a Gintama shoot.
And since I have this costume rotting since I forgot when, why not? xD

anyway, borrowed the wig from jovelle and tried it on with make up the day before…

thank god it didn’t look too bad hahaha!

then to shoot! did my make up at home and headed to the venue to change.

but was late so sorry to sihan and jovelle who waited for me.

thank god the weather wasn’t too scary as it was gonna rain too.
so it was rather windy. (Y)

done and shoot!
it was a really short shoot as I got tired. /fail

so it is a wrap!

I changed out and we decided to head over to bugis to have a look at cosfest christmas!
sihan couldn’t join us as he have wedding to attend.

we arrived and the event was rather small.
managed to finally see dear ahbu after so long!!!

failed to find her the last two events and we finally met! LOL!

anyway crowds were crazy when yuegene came down from the stage. as expected haha~
I was waiting for her to say hi before we head for dinner but she was kinda stuck.
So I sneaked in and told her I had to go first.
but she didn’t want to let me go and I end up dragging her away LOLOL.
a lot of her fangirls screamed and to be honest I was quite scared I will get killed by the fans. PFFFT.
anyway thank god the fans were all very nice, I managed to take pic with Fay. *v*

went for dinner with jovelle and quickly headed home as I wasn’t feeling too well. Zzzz.
and so I ended my year with Gintama, as a female again. /chokes
2011 to 2013

okcan hahahaha!!!

anyway many thanks to hanhan for processing the pics really fast!

will post them soon!


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