KL Trip Day 4~

Back to Singapore day~ (´;ω;`)

woke up and headed for breakfast!!
it will be like food marathon till we head to take our bus back to SG~

so first stop, DIM SUM AGAIN!

because reiko didn’t get to try it so they brought her here haha!

then second stop, 纸包鸡!!

really really nice zhi bao ji, the best I have ever had actually. (Y)

and third, chatime lol!
also met up with lavena before she head home~


we wanted to come here for bbq actually but it is only open at 5.30pm.
our bus is at 6plus so CMI.
hence we went to this instead:


then it is finally time to go home… T.T

time flies and good times passes really quick.

Gotta thank Ren and PK for the love and care these few days when we were there.
So sorry to make you guys drive us around and many many many thanks for allowing us to stay at your place.
Love you both soooooo much and miss you both already la. T.T

would love to go back to KL again during non event days so we can have more time to hang around.
till then and thank you for reading!


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