KL Trip Day 2 + CF Day 1!

I realised I always cosplay Gintama on one of the day for CF.
It has been the case since the last 4 years.
And I’m always cosplaying Gintoki. LOLOL.

2010 to 2013

ok I shall keep this going if I’m gonna go CF this year too HAHAHA!

Anyway, CF day 1, I woke up really late as usual… =x

yes woke up with this cutie on my chest hahaha!

Saw nik preparing for breakfast for everyone.

so after breakfast, ren and I started preparing while reiko died on bed again since she decides to prepare in Jovelle’s hotel instead.


with my very handsome hijikata~ ♥

anyway today it is ren driving so u get to see vice commander drive!!!


and this gintoki fooling around LOLOL.

and we are here!

headed to jovelle’s hotel, many thanks to them for allowing us to put our barangs there! ^v^

also wore blazer!

hiji doing touch up~~

our sougo also came over! ohyeah!!


nik posing nicely while waiting for us hahaha!

many thanks to yuuiki for this birthday present too! (*T▽T*)

then yes, camwhore time!

Ren, yuuiki and I decided to head over to the event first since reiko is still not ready.
and yep, when you say event, it means camwhoring again!! :D

took pics with this two kawawii rilakkuma!

As usual, we braced the crowd for the booths.

loots of the day! 8DDDD

then uh many thanks to nik for the kyojin batch! *v*

time for dinner!!

felt really shagged as I was in cos for long hours, kinda CMI pls.

anyway we headed back then KO shortly too.
Day 1 was really fun and day 2 updates coming soon!!

Thanks for reading! (≧▽≦)


6 thoughts on “KL Trip Day 2 + CF Day 1!

  1. Hey :)

    I’m so sorry for fangirling but….

    I commented on one of your Deviantart photos (Sakata Ginko) but because of budget issues, my first cosplay is going to be Ginpachi-sensei (at Hyper Japan in the UK)

    I have three questions, if that’s okay!

    1. Where did you get your wig and costume from?

    2. How did you do your makeup and what did you use? (and where did you get your contacts??)

    3. Did you bind for the cosplay/should you bind for a cosplay like this?

    I’m sorry for being so straight forward but I love your blog and deviantart :)

    Thank you for being my inspiration!

    • hey dear thank you so much for the kind words. >///<
      please do see my answers to your questions:

      1. I got my wig from taobao.com. I made the costume myself. ^^

      2. I practice make up sometimes and some youtube videos are really helpful! I mainly use concealer, face powder, eye liner, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow palette.
      I got my contact lens from Alice and Rabbit's Shop.

      3. Yes I had to bind since Ginpachi is a male. ^^

      hope these helps!
      and so sorry my replies on dA are usually slow. TAT

    • O.o

      You replied so fast…. :’)

      Thank you so much for your reply!!!!

      You are such a help for a newbie like me :)

      First cosplay for my first convention-type-thingmajig…… *gulp*

      How did you make your costume? Did you buy bits and pieces or did you start from scratch?

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