Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!!
A year passed so quickly and it is already 2014 now.
Many things happened the last year.
There were happy moments, sad moments, angry moments and of course, awesome moments! 8D

I shall do a summary and look back what have happened in my life last year~
But I will just highlight some events since it will be like a hell lot of things to update if I include everything haha!

January 2013:
Gintama came back!
They started the series with the suzuran arc, which is like awesomelicious.

Work screwed up
Yes, news came out that my previous company is not gonna make it and my ex boss ran away.
I was quite lost and didn’t know what to do.
Didn’t get my pay for a few months and nobody could help.
Not even the government so I was really feeling lost that time. OTL

February 2013:
Got invited to Philippines Event again!
Yep, received invitation from dear Kei and went to Philippines for event as guest again!
It was a really nice surprise since I loved going there!! *v*

Chinese New Year!
The biggest event for Chinese of the year. Celebrated this festival with friends and family is indeed awesome!

Shining All Star Photoshoot
First photoshoot of the year!

March 2013:
Kuromomo Photoshoot
Seirin Senpai Photoshoot
Kintama Photoshoot
Team America Photoshoot
Yea I know, a lot of shoot. Since there were usually no events in the beginning of the year, I have more shoots lol!

Gintama Second Movie Announced!
Got so excited knowing that a second movie is made and with a new storyline!!! OMG!

April 2013:
Happy Synthesizer Shoot
yep another one LOL!

Got my tickets for Jaychou Concert
Have been missing his concerts the last three years and FINALLY got his tickets and going again!!!!

May 2013:
Got a new job!
Yes, I was lucky and got myself a job. Thank goodness to my boss now, thanks for giving me the chance too. TvT

Seirin vs Touou Photoshoot!
Seirin Senpai Photoshoot
Aomomo Photoshoot
More shoots lol!

June 2013:
Jay Chou Concert
Wonderful concert and left me almost dying at Singapore Indoor Stadium hahaha!

MuraMuro Photoshoot
Psycho Pass Photoshoot
Yep, more shoots…

The worst Singapore haze ever
Kills a lot of my plans and uh the first time I had to wear masks to work.
The air is so bad that it felt like I’m in a BBQ shop when I walked outside.

CosmoParade Event
Yes considered the ‘first’ event in SG I went in cosplay for 2013! :D

July 2013:
Hijikata Host Club Photoshoot
Cosfest Day 1
Cosfest Day 2
Event and Shoot! All coming soon!!

August 2013:

September 2013:
Amnesia Photoshoot
Arrest Rose Photoshoot

Bangkok Trip
First trip with my school mates. It was rather nice and fun even though it was quite a short trip.
Would love to go back there again! ^^

October 2013:
Cosplay Mania!!
yes went to Philippines again for this amazing event!!! one of the best event I have been to in 2013! *v*

Gintama Movie in Singapore
One of the best news of the year, Gintama Movie in Singapore.
Went to watch it for 3 times and it wasn’t enough at all. TOO AWESOME.

Slam Dunk Photoshoot
Psycho Pass Photoshoot

Halloween Night in USS
First time to this event and I would say it was pretty amazing. Might go again! LOL~

My birthday
Yes this is important to myself LOL.
It was made really special because of my friends and family. Love them all so much.

November 2013:
AFA Event
JCOS Event

December 2013:
L2P Event
EOY Event
– CF Event
– Xmas Party
– Gintama Photoshoot

Haven’t got time to update some events but basically this is what happened last year.
Can’t wait for the coming events this year!!!
Thanks to everyone for the support and love too.
Will continue to work hard and hope everyone have a wonderful new year as well! (*≧ω≦)


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