yep finally to the last SG event of the year!
wanted to do something together with my bunch of crazy SMLJs people and we decided to go with Vocaloid Poker Face! :D

the event was held at Marina Barrage which is like OMFGSUPERHOTBBQPLS.
Should I be glad that I decide to cosplay pokerface since it is quite casual? Or should I just kill myself for suggesting to cosplay for EOY? PFFFT.
But nevertheless, I still wanna thank my beloved team for cosing with me. TvT

ok so uh as I headed to JB the day before, I woke up really late…

it was definitely a pleasant morning for me to wake up like this tho. hahaha! (≧▽≦)

anyway, did my make up at home (thank god) and mum said I looked really tranny when she saw me. (;¬_¬)

but whatever, time to head out!

sharing the make up done pics of everyone! 8DDDD

arrived at the event location, CROWDED OMFG.
the weather is really hot and humid too. Zzzzz.

then we got changed and done!!!

time for camwhore!

caught a very handsome en mi gintoki!!

anyway we headed to the baggage area to put our bags…
wild kula appear!

the sun is sooooo bright that I cannot even open my eyes properly to camwhore lol!

anyway we moved to the booth area and uh saw a lot of people… so here comes camwhore spams!

we also took popcorn!!!

anyway we camped at one corner after that for mini shoot with Zera.

and headed to the aircon gallery to find kula for more shoot haha!

then we spotted another group of people so more camwhore!

so we head to the place where I shot happy synthersizer for more shoot~
while the rest are shooting…

lol yes I’m kinda bored hahaha!
anyway many thanks to everyone for these lovely gifts~

love them so so so much!

and uh that is the end of EOY updates I guess.
sorry i have no idea what I’m really typing here but yea it was a really nice event despite the weather, thanks to friends!

stay tune for CF updates! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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