L2P Day 2 Updates yeahoooo!

Day 2 updates here we go!
trying to finish up as much updates as possible before the year ends! (≧ω≦)

so day 2, it was another last minute plan with dear athen to cos Kurobas. LOL.
we went in the suit version (from manga) since we have everything already haha!
but first we decide to do shoot for a casual version for xmas so tadaaaa~

yes many thanks to jovelle for the hat haha!

anyway we met asta and her kuroko at the toilet.
since we are both cosing kagakuro, camwhore! 8D

then finally with my kuroko~

and our photographer of the day haha!

behind the scene lol~

then we changed to the formal version…

mirrorception. hahaha!

camwhore again…

and yes we stayed to continue shooting instead of heading to the event… =x


jovelle one man army gao gao LOL.

finally we ended the shoot!

it was already 5pm when we go over to the event PFFFT.
but we still managed to catch a few people so some camwhores…

found a minion too!

that is all for L2P event~
nothing much happen since not a lot of cosers attended so yep.
but it was still fun!
a sneak preview of the kagakuro shoot….

thanks for reading! :D


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