L2P Day 1 Updates Here we go!

ah yes, I’m really slow with event updates I know. OTL
all these upcoming events are really taking my time away! /chokes

but anyway here I go!
L2P, decided to head to this event last minute since I’m still having post event syndrome. LOL.
Many thanks to Jovelle for inviting me to cos with her as her kaito~

it was a really casual cos so we were able to run around freely.
on the way to the event!

we first met up at the toilet to change…and done!

with miku-himesama~

then we headed to the event… so camwhore~~

didn’t camwhore with a lot of people using my phone as I bought my newly bought cam to the event.
Nik asked me to practice so I was playing with it the whole time! TvT

yes I end up using it to camwhore. /shot

but no, I did took some pics with it….

a moe nik…

a macho nik…

kakkoii photographers…

random event booth goods… LOL.

then borrowed william’s lens to take some fisheye shots~~

thanks to jes for helping me take my shot hahahaha!

more omakes…

how to make your face look slim without photoshop. =x

then it is time to change out!

in the toilet hahaha!

and we headed for dinner…plus dessert!


Day 2 update to be up soon!

thanks for reading! :D


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