Moved from FCBlog to WordPress LOL

Yes I did something stupid and accidentally deleted my FCBlog. (╥_╥)
I tried to create a new one but it will not let me use the same ID.

So I decided to just move the entire cosblog back to wordpress instead LOL.
Yes the awesome thing is wordpress allows me to manage multiple blogs under the same login.
So why not? I don’t have to log in to different platforms when I want to update my blog. (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。)

Anyway the difference between my cosblog and this blog will be:
This blog mainly posts about my camwhore pics updates from photoshoots, cosplay events, work in progress, life, family, friends, work, GINTAMA, idols, randoms spazzing stuffs… yea.

While cosblogs will only be pictures from photoshoots and cosplay events.
Yes majority of the pictures will be there instead of my usual image sharing platforms such as deviantART or WorldCosplay.
Because I don’t upload everything and I need a place to show the rest of the pictures from the series, thus this cosblog is created. LOL.

So yes, do visit and have a look~ (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

Sorry if it looked ugly and uninteresting. OTL
I didn’t have much time decorating the page so I just used a standard template since I’m really lazy too.
Will update more often once I cleared my backlog so more pictures can be shared. haha~


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