Yes if you watched Gintama season 2, this scene should be unforgettable hahaha!
anyway, here we go!!!

didn’t expect to make it for this event at first because I thought I had to work during that weekend.
but work got cancelled so I could make it afterall!
got dear athen to go with me and many thanks to her for agreeing to be my sougo too! :D
I also asked kyon and jes to cos together since its Gintama and they are going as well!

so athen and I arrived at JB, then we headed to find Carine and Xiaobai to get changed, before we take cab to the event area. :D


with carine and xiaobai as they are ready too. /stares at sougo LOL.

but yes, we headed for ‘brunch’ when we arrived at the event mall.

with my sougo~

time for makan!

then we headed to the event (rather late) to find the other host…

yes found mama-san and gin! 8D

we also headed to ashley’s hotel to put our stuffs and…

a secret pic with sougo~ LOL.

more camwhore….

bought this kyojin fan for just 5ringgit!!! 8D

managed to catch reika-chan and akatsuki too! *v*

the best thing is I didn’t expect to see hotaru-chan there as well!!! (✧∇✧)

the most touching part is when she remembered me as the yukina from last Jcos.
I got so shocked! TvT
Loved her a lot and really glad to see her again! Hope she comes to SG one day hurrrrrrrr.

anyway I forgot to bring my cigarette to the event so I decided to take some camwhore with it before I throw it away. T.T

stupid hiji be stupid. Zzzzz.

but that is all from jcos!

thank you for reading and can’t wait for L2P next! :D


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