Happy Birthday To Myself part 2~

Because my family and friends are too awesome LOL.
im like one month late on this but whatever~ better than nothing right? 8D /shot
so anyway, dear reiko decided to troll me by sending me flowers to my place.
the awkward moment that I was working overtime so my dad received the flower instead HAHAHA!
but yes, it was really beautiful~

and uh the sender demand that I take a lot of pictures with it…so here I go.

then vincent appeared at my door with a birthday cake. WTF.
shocking but really pleasant surprise.

loveeeeeeeeeee the card too. 8D

and yes, my dad said he bought me cake as well.

he call this ‘authentic durian cake’. (ಠಠ)
I’m sure my kiampah-ness comes from my dad. LOLOL.

but I love it too. then we have a mini birthday song singing celebration with the cake vin bought for me~ *v*

kindly ignore our faces, it was supposed to be takglam so I don’t care anymore.
a final sabotage from my sister…

I just love them so much~ ♥


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