Slam Dunk Photoshoot!!

Yay slow updates be slow… orz
finally had some spare time to update my blog lol!
anyway this plan was planned with jes since…I forgot when. /cough
she bought her jersey long ago and waiting for me. /cough again

then finally I went to get mine and styled my wig~

we also decided on the date to shoot. LOL.
but I was slow with the court booking so we didnt have much slots left.
and there was this slot at about 2pm, so I went to book it.
in the end it happened that there was an error and we took the court in the middle of a group of Filipinos who are having basketball matches too.
yes awkward pls lol.

but whatever, since we already booked it, we jus decided to go ahead.
we prepared in the toilet and done!

some camwhore with my ryukawa~

so… when it is our slot, the two of us went in the middle of their match and everyone watched us as we shoot. HAHAHAHA!

They are really friendly and nice. :D
But the only problem is, everyone were doing the Rukawa fangirl cheer when they saw us, no sakuragi fans. ( ̄へ ̄井)
/locks all of them outside the court LOL/
No I’m just kidding hahaha! There were some shouting for Sakuragi too. TvT /touched

anyway they said we can still use the side of the court while they play so it was awesomelicious pls. (Y)
so while we shoot…


with sihan and reiko~ hurr.

the shoot was quite fast since there were only two of us.
after that nik came and reiko took us to her mum’s restaurant to have awesome food. :D
that is all and stay tune for more updates soon! (=`ω´=)


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