Cosmania Trip Day 2 & 3 & 4~

yay, finally update on Cosmania Day 2 desu! :D
woke up super early for this day as well since we have to be at the event early, also to help everyone on their snk belts. LOL~
anyway, due to some issues, we had to get to the event venue first so I had to wear my belts at the event instead.
then uh finally done…

much love and thanks to dear Lunaru for lending me her snk gear so I don’t have to bring mine over~ xDDD
also many thanks to my dear waifu Romeo for helping me to bring it over to the event! (´ε` )♡

so uh camwhoring with everyone in the guest room~ xD

yep reika changed to her kaito for the performance and we had to go on stage too. /dies in the inside

so here’s me with my lovely goldy-san and catherine after their wonderful eva performance~

thanks to Nik for videoing for us, here’s the stage ‘performance’ of us. //////

and yeah we also got the interview which somehow I got stunned by some of it lol…

finally, it is time to roam around the event! :D
as usual, here’s camwhore with friends!

and using giant instax to camwhore LOL.

also had a mini shoot with these lovely photographers! ^^

anyway we were asked to be back to the stage area…
then uh a gathering of the snk ppl!

and while watching the performance…

I caught a female titan too! (≧▽≦)

finally after the big camwhore on stage, we headed back to the guest room.
then major camwhore session again! :D

many thanks to reika for agreeing with my levihan pose lolol!

and a session of heichou kick again…. HAHAHA!

then uh, we headed back to the hotel, and kaname wanted to have some pics together again so here we go with jaegarrrr,

in the lift….

then back to our room… yes still camwhoring.. /shot

finally dinner time, many thanks to Doki! Treats for these lovely cupcakes. (≧▽≦)

that somehow ended our day 2~
on that very night, we headed to the KTV!!

super fun and happening! :D

and that morning, breakfast and we had mango bravo woohoooo~

we also headed to divisoria hur hur hur~


then on day 4, it is time to go back. T.T

loving the trip as always and really hope to be back to Philippines again!!
yes thanks to dear pots for the awesome lelouch mask. (new cosplan yes? LOL)

that is all from the cosmania updates and I will update on my photoshoots too! (and AFA as well)

stay tune and thanks for reading!


One thought on “Cosmania Trip Day 2 & 3 & 4~

  1. I am so lucky that I had a photo with you! Yaay! :D Who would’ve thought that I can have a photo with a popular cosplayer. Truly honored. :”>

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