Cosmania Trip Day 1~

Day 1 update here we go!!!
Cosplayed Ittoki Otoya White suit version from Uta Prince! :D
woke up the latest as usual, prepare and done…

camwhored with reiko, charmie, vic and jes then off we go to the event! ^^

we arrived at the event rather early so decided to just roam around the booth area before the crowd gets in haha!
then surprisingly, we managed to meet up with the SG people! ( ̄▽ ̄)

and we had to go back to the guest room….so I camwhore again LOL~

then we receive our pass!

yay~~ (☆▽☆)

and I also found my love, Goldy-san.
He proposed to me after I confessed and we got married. HAHAHAHA!!!

a little more of me and goldy…. while he was playing with his Eva suit…


WE KISSED. (///▽///)
(ok uh me and his mask kissed but it doesn’t matter HAHAHA)

I’m so shiawase pls. /shot
anyway it is also lunch time to time to eat!

meanwhile, there were interview session going on so…

and look at nik…


while we were at the room, many things were going on…

autograph session…

dancing session…IDE- (; ̄Д ̄)

anyway, nik and I decided to sneak out to the event since there were nothing else to do.
plus the rest had to get ready for judging competition, so yep!

camwhore in the toilet before heading out haha!

and tada….

yes at the event and I found this adorable colossal titan cube plushie. (。♥▽♥。)

then I also asked some people for pics too. *////*

gintoki, shinsuke, hanji and my dear colossal titan!!! ^^

caught two very cute instagram cameras lol!


then more with friends!

yes vic also sneaked out so we had some pics together~

then I was being asked to go to the stage area…

reika being kawawii ahahah!

found a mikasa aka jin~♥♥♥

and that is pretty much day 1.
sooooo glad to have met many people! ^^

will update on day 2 soon!
thanks for reading! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)


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