AFA 2013, Are you Ready?????

Oh yes!!!
Getting pretty excited for this event as well~
Look at the list of program!! omg! :D

pretty much ready and my costume + props are all ok too.
so here’s what I will be cosplaying for Sat and Sun!

Kaito from Alice in Musicland and someone from SNK!
oh well, I had some problem with my day 2 character so I can’t really say because it is still not confirmed.
Will see how! :D

(Yes I know it is actually Day 2 and 3 for sat and sun but I have never considered friday as one of the event day because I can’t make it.
so tralalala~ LOL!!!)

Anyway hope to see you there too if you are going! (≧∇≦)


One thought on “AFA 2013, Are you Ready?????

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