Cosmania Trip Day 0~

oh yay! Time to update my Cosmania trip after so long… (omg 1 month is over WHUT)
anyway here I go… with Day -1.
Yes it is thursday when we take the flight.

getting ready!!!
I was feeling really excited for the trip hue hue hue~(≧∇≦)

lunch with the gang!

then while we were inside…

Nik, reiko and I played with this photo taking booth. HAHAHAHA!!!

and time to take off!!

spotted my luggage hahaha!

then we arrived at night~

Manila!! o(*゚▽゚*)o

Charmie dear together with Jewel, Roberto and megumi-chan came to pick us up~

then we head to our hotel~
a really nice place! ^^
anyway we settled down, had dinner and started doing some things that cosplayers do…

yea that pair of sexy legs belongs to nik, he is just lying down on the sofa watching us suffer PFFT.
after that we just bathe and sleep, end of Day -1!

Now to Day 0, Photoshoot!!!
have to wake up early to prepare… as usual I’m the last one to get out of bed. (─▽─)


camwhore while waiting for charmie dear to come and pick us up~ ^^

then we headed for lunch first because we have to meet up with the stage director, staffs as well as organizers. ^^

food, food, food and FOOD.

group camwhore before we head to the shoot location!!

stopping by at starbucks as some of them wanted coffee. haha!

and here we are!! Fernwood Garden!

back to where Fantasy Quest was held. How I missed this place haha!

then photoshoot startooooo–

some camwhoring again…

after that we headed back to the changing room to rest, then I camwhore before I took off my wiggie~

well yeah I realised I forgot to camwhore with danchou after taking off my wig so here. hahaha!!!

after that, the snk team continues with a night shoot so I went to help out..

a little preview… HAHAHA!

nik just KO-ed after everything, since he have been shooting the whole day. LOL.

anyway, we headed back to change and time for dinner!!

food food and FOOOOOOD again!

after that, back to hotel and sleep.
end of Day 0 and Day 1 will be updated soon!!

stay tune and thanks for reading! :D


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