Bangkok Trip Update!

Almost forgot to update my Bangkok trip last sep LOL!!

Day 1, 19th Sep~

getting ready for my short getaway trip with my school mates! :D
it was kinda planned long ago but we only managed to go together this year as everyone were really busy with work or studies. Zzzz.

its quite nice as well since I wasn’t feeling very well from all my workload.
so this short holiday came just nicely! ^^

and yeah we have arrived!!

met up with Vashi as well~
then we headed to the hotel to put our stuffs before we head over to start shopping at…


so many things that I went (☆▽☆) as I walked around hahaha!

end of platinum mall shopping and dinner with junez-chan~ ^^

then back to hotel, this is what ivy and I have got…

Day 2, 20th Sep~

good morning….

heading out for breakfast, tried the braised pork. AWESOMELICIOUS PLS.

then we decided to go over to chatuchak market so we took the tuk tuk to the ‘mrt’ station~

my first time riding one too so I’m actually quite excited hahaha!

then we bought the rabbit card for the train~~

after that we transfer to the subway~

that uses token… (the card is vashi’s LOL)

the subway is more similar to SG’s mrt~

anyway, I guess we are just unlucky.
the market was closed and we had to go back to platinum mall instead~

before that we headed to have duck noodle as lunch~

and here comes shopping again! and random takes…

then we went to macdonald for MACPORK!!!


and uh night market… *v*

meaning more shopping hahaha! and ivy timing the rest of the girls lol~

back to the hotel and…

no idea wtf happened. =x

Day 3, 21st Sep~
also the last day of the trip!
so uh shopping early in the morning!! (plus some small bites along the way~)

then we have lunch at the hotel, just nice they were celebrating their anniversary so we were invited.

and to Terminal 21!!
we took the tuk tuk again…


here we are!!

some random takes and camwhorings…

yep that is somewhat the end of terminal 21 trip.
then we headed to the airport and have dinner~~

managed to try mango with sticky rice too! :D

group shot before we head over to the checkin!

my friends all so chibi looking here hahaha!

and uh queuing again. =_=

while waiting for gate opening..

yep that is the end of the bangkok trip!
nothing much and it was really short.
so hope to go back soon!!

thank you for reading! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)


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