Halloween Horror Nights 3 – three vengeful sisters

As I didn’t go to the one last year, I decided to go for the one this year!

hmmm ok doesn’t look scary but it is pretty cool? LOL~
(I actually like the doll theme last year. T.T)

Anyway, planned this trip with a few people and yay to fun scary trip! hahaha~

I met up with yumi first then we meet up the rest since they had dinner somewhere else.
then off we go to USS!!

before entering…

there were loads of people and even after we went in, we had to wait since they will have the opening ceremony first~
but look…

yay we are stuck in between LOL.

and finally!!!

the opening is quite interesting and nicely done.
so after that everyone started running because this is the part where you will face the scariest thing ever, QUEUING.
yes we were too slow cos when we reached the first haunted house, the waiting time is 1 hour. FFFFUUUUUU-

anyway here’s some pics of the place, lousy quality because my phone sucks.

yes you get a random photobomber aka nik sometimes… LOL.

creepy place with creepy looking group camwhore~

yea I looked damn scary pls hahahaa!!!

then we headed on to the second haunted house… while queuing there’s a photobooth.

this is call the “how to do the I’m so scared sheryl nome” pose.
why? because you try to cover your eyes when you are scared, but do it diva-ly so we named sheryl nome in. HAHAHAHA!!!
(this is what happens when you get bored while queuing)
yea this is 100 minutes waiting time. FUCK.

and uh camwhoring with the scary people there, they are damn cool pls!

the waiting time for the last haunted house was 120 minutes aka 2 hours.
Nik and I concluded that the scariest thing for this event was indeed the queues.
I wont say it is worth the queue but the experience is pretty ok.
the set up is really nice tho. ^^

anyway we ended the event with macdonalds as supper and headed home at around 3am.
Not too sure if I would wanna go next year but gotta see the theme then!

that is end of the halloween post now and hopefully I can update on my other events soon!

thanks for reading!


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