Amnesia Photoshoot Update!

Sorry for the super lack of update here.
Have been really busy with a lot of things that I almost forgot that I had a blog. Zzzz.
anyway this is to update about my Amnesia shoot last last last weekend~

we set it one week after STGCC so everyone is still in the mood LOL!

much thanks to dear athensis and vic for all the help in organizing this big group, as well as the ref.

did my make up and full costume at home.
mum judged me while I went out like that to take the cab LOL!

then arrived at the hotel!
some of them already started shooting solo so I roamed around to see the hotel interior~

my favorite is the toilet, the checkered design is so pwetty!

sneak peak~

then uh of course, camwhore! :D

forgot to camwhore with everyone as the shoot was kinda battling against time.
and we ended at midnight wtf. OTL

but it was really fun and we got the shots we wanted so otsukare everyone! :D

anyway that is all for now! I will try to update more! ( ´ ▽ ` )

thanks for reading!


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