Helping at shoot~

forgot to update this so here it goes~

got invited over to help out athen and asta TNC shoot~
it was a really fun shoot since I get to see nice handsome boys, abandon buildings and the handsome boys making out HAHAHA. (´艸`*)

so I also randomly took some pics of the location while the rest are shooting…

will be nice if I can climb up the roof lol!

and behind the scene… =x
(yea they will probably kill me if they see me posting this up)

height… haha.


another use of the reflector. (Y)

HUR HUR HUR. /nowkiss.jpg

nik adjusting them as if they were mannequins LOL!

anyway that is all for now.
STGCC is this weekend and I’m not fully done yet wtf! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
hope I can finish it soon!

Oh and yep, I failed my driving test yesterday as well. PFFFT.
Didn’t expect myself to be so unlucky too, when my instructor’s car spoil right before the exam and I had to change to a car that I have never touched before.
Also got a really evil tester who scolded me throughout the test. OTL
It was such an unpleasant experience to be honest.
But yeah, my skills sucks too as I made a lot of stupid mistakes.
so next time I guess? hope I will be able to make it the next round!

(。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。)


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