Cosfest Update 3: Event Day 2!!

I’m really really slow with my updates so please pardon me.
anyway I have finally come to Day 2 of the Event post!! \(*T▽T*)/

so here we go!

This outfit kills me a lot of time even though it is considered simple.
I blame those stupid belts and eyelets!! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

thank god I could finish everything on time and yay!
anyway, I woke up late again as usual….
started preparing at 12pm when everyone else in the team were ready. =x

and finally, reiko and I were done at about 2.30pm HAHAHA! /shot

room camwhore!

forgot to take one with athen and we had to head out since we were late. (; ̄Д ̄)

anyway, we arrived at the event!!!
reiko went to find our teammates so while waiting, I camwhored LOL!

and found our team!! here comes red team first:

and camwhoring~~ 8D

look at my wife, SO PRETTY. ♥

anyway, we had a mini photoshoot so here comes awesome helpers and photog!

then while the others get their solos taken…

I attacked the people around to camwhore with them hurrr. 8D

and so, the random camwhoring starts after the shoot is over~~

and thanks to dear akairi, I managed to get the chain we used for our PP shoot… so…

I kidnapped some pretty people hehehe~

and yea that kind of ended the event since I changed out early because my shoes died. =x
changed out and went to buy food.
then saw sese, nikki, aruki and our team people having dinner.
so here’s a shot with us changed out LOL!

anyway, I also wanna thank all my friends for these gifts.
so precious and awesome!
thank you so much!!!! o(*゚▽゚*)o

oh and we went to send off the thailand people and the philippines people the next day~

miss everyone so much!!! TvT

it was a fun event and really glad to have met up with so many people.
Can’t wait for the next event!!

thanks for reading! ( ̄▽ ̄)


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