Cosfest Update 1: Photoshoot on 4th July!

Heh heh!!
I’m busy with work and so slow with my updates oh dear.
Everyone have already moved on and preparing for STGCC but here I am updating my Cosfest updates almost 1 month later wtf. /shot
Anyway, finally had some time so I will do this slowly.
hopefully I can complete the update asap before the next event! haha~

So here I go~
I took leave on this day as Vashi came over to SG and we planned a shoot together with Kyon.
But kyon couldn’t make it due to his army thing, so we had to proceed with just the two of us. T.T
Anyway checked into the hotel, settled down then make up!!
Sihan, jes and reiko later arrived as well~

and done! 8DDD
this is hijikata from the host arc. LET’S PARTEHHHHH~~~

and here’s my shy gintoki. LOL!

Natsura and jasmine also arrived after since they brought vashi for lunch earlier~

then shoot starts~~~

random behind the scenes haha!

so while gin-chan gets his solo shots taken….

hijikata busy camwhoring with people LOL!

then with gintoki~~

and thats the end of the shoot!!! hurrr~

anyway we had a dinner date with nik as well so we prepared and headed off to meet him after kyon arrives at the hotel too.
yep, he came right after his army thing which must be tough.

FOOD. tsukemen, the black sauce that is really nice. hur. (I stole it from Nik and exchanged mine hahaha!)

and this is vashi’s ramen. OMFG HE IS THE REAL LIFE HIJIKATA WTF.
the rest of us freaked out when he poured the mayo in like that.

and a group pic together!

Nik also gave me this as omiyage from jap~

yay for gintoki!! O(≧▽≦)O

I also got this from Wilbert.

thanks to mahal sese for bringing it over and jes for passing it to me.

anyway we headed to the airport to pick up the rest of the thai people and we headed back to the hotel together.
so that ended our day~

that is all for now, will update the next day (USS trip wooohooo!) soon!

thanks for reading~ (^_−)☆


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