Cosmo Parade Here we go!

Sorry for the late update!!
oh god cosfest and work after that is really hectic. /breathes deeply
Anyway, finally have some time so here we go! o(*゚▽゚*)o

Sew the pants and modified the shirt~

it was actually quite badly done but meh~ /shot

The day before the event I stayed overnight at reiko’s place, so we kinda prepared together before heading out to the event.
and yep, we decided to just go in full cos so we don’t have to bring a lot of things. haha!

and prep done! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

then mini camwhore session outside her house LOL!

yep, yumi joned us to go to the event together! hurrrr~~

and we arrived at the event!!!
as we got there really late, there were already a lot of people! haha!
and I managed to catch jovelle! with her gintoki fan. (´▽`)

yep I stole the fan. /shot

I also stole mini colossal titan from lawliet.

but didn’t managed to molest her mask. argh.

then slowly, we see more people so here comes camwhoring spams!

yes by the time I caught kyon, he already changed out. T_T

oh and yes my initial reason to go for the event is to meet the guest!
many thanks to jovelle dear, she gave me the chance to meet saffron and yui by giving me a card for them to sign! (*T▽T*)

look at them, so perfect! /dies happily
couldn’t take pic with them as the management don’t allow. DAMN. T^T

then I re-queued again for king and mon since they say one queue is only applicable for one pair of guest meetup. /aunty

and the awesome thing is, they allowed us to have picture together!!
another perfect pair. WHY SO PRETTY!!! /dies again

anyway moving on….
we headed to the purikura machine!! hurrrr.

first time taking purikura in cos. it was nice….except that the machine is too fast wtf. LOL!

but yeah, we also abused the machine light to camwhore inside so here comes spams again HAHAHA!!

yep our nanami also managed to rush over after her work. (≧∇≦)/
then we proceed for photoshoot.
there are actually many behind the scene shots but I decided not to post them up here as it is really not very nice for our nanami HAHAHAHA!
unless she give her permission, then I will probably share some that can be shared. =x

meanwhile, here’s a pic of me and masa-chan~

with a scary nanami photobombing…

ok so it is end of event, it means makan time!
sushi express!!!

guess who are the ones who ate the most. HAHAHA!

and yep, many thanks to everyone who have exchanged coscards with me. TvT

of course, polariods are must too! (Y)

that is all of cosmo parade from me~

thank you for reading! (`・ω・´)ゞ


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