Psycho Pass Shoot Updates!

What will happen if a person’s mental state, personality, and the probability that a person will commit crimes, can be measured?

Well, saw everyone going crazy for this series and according to my friends, this is as mindblowing as smart series such as Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist and Code Geass.
Where everyone play mind games with each other.
I was really interested with it but didn’t watch it earlier as I hate waiting for new episodes to be out weekly.
So I managed to bear with it until it end, then enjoyed it at one go! :D
I didn’t managed to do the same for SNK which is now at a cliff-hanger (I mean the manga), IT IS REALLY PAINFUL. /pulls hair

But back to Psycho Pass, I would say this is really awesome too.
I love watching animes like these, they are sooooo mindfucking that you will realized it is actually very very scary if it were to happen IRL.
Yes, not to mention the main character is very hot too. /drools at Kogami/

LOLOL!!! So yep, I fell in love with Kogami instantly and decided to cosplay him after I finished the anime. *v*

Planned this shoot with my dear inspector, Akairi who looked soooooo awesome as Akane. /buahz/
Also with my very awesome Gyoza Ginoza and Makishima~
All of them are so awesome that I wanna cry please. (very happy ko-chan)

ok enough talking, lets start! LOL!
well, as some of you may know, SG was under serious haze attacked that week.
So I was actually quite worried that we might have to postpone the shoot.
Reiko and I also went to buy the N95 mask for everyone who is coming for the shoot, in order to make sure that they have protection.
On the day of the shoot, the PSI was more than 300 in the morning.
Which made me really really sad since I thought the shoot have to be postponed.
But who knows, the PSI actually dropped to 100plus at about 1pm.

Thos the haze is lesser, I headed out of the house with a mask as the air is still somewhat unhealthy.

hehehe~ it helps to cover up my no make up face too. LOL!

So I met up with Akairi, Nik, Sihan, Alvin and Jovelle to have early dinner.
Then we headed to do make up when Reiko arrives. ^^

Make up done!

we then took cab to the location since Vax is already there.

sneaking shot in the cab LOL~

we rushed to the location as quick as we can but we still missed the sunset. /shot

yes, this very nice scene is gone as we were late. OTL

But nevertheless, we continued with the rooftop shots for a while before changing location~~~
and here’s some behind the scene!

inspector akane shooting~ *v*

then it is trio… (sihan and nik LOL)

photog and awesome saikang~


finally it is time to proceed to the next location!

a camwhore with my gyoza before we move…

wore my mask again as the PSI kinda increased. D:

the 2nd location….

ok I dunno wtf I’m doing but heck. LOL!

Anyway Vic met us up at the 2nd location, then jovelle also had to leave since she can’t stay late.
so camwhore with her first! :D

then I noticed I put my cigarette on my ear. omg ah beng pls PFFFT.

and some other camwhoring while the rest pack up to leave for the 3rd location~~

finally to the third location!!!
Jes will meet us here so meanwhile we headed to the washroom to touch up as Vax had his dinner too~
when you have toilet, you have camwhoring session again. LOL!

see. LOL!

yes I love my inspector so much that you will see most of my camwhore pics are with her. LOLOL! /shot

and yep, SHOOT!

nah, while akane is shooting, gyoza having dinner here. SO CUTE CAN? 8DDD

then sihan had a camwhoring session too.


and more behind the scene….

ko-chan and gyoza just wanna try out what yayoi and shion is doing. /shot

while makishima is getting his shot done….

ko-chan and akane camwhores happily at the side. LOL!!!

wanna see the shots? 8DDDD

ok nvm hahaha!!!

then camwhore with everyone!!!

Yep! and we proceeded to the 4th location. PFFFT.
this is the first shoot I have to go to so many different locations. quite interesting actually. xDDD

so here we go!

cool cool yoooo…


I don’t know what happened but both inspectors hugged enforcer tight. PFFFT.
and maki had no idea we were doing this at the back. =x

anyway, the shoot successfully ended and here comes group shot!


Many thanks to everyone who have helped, also to Vax for shooting. TvT
So sorry that they had to take cab back home as we missed the last train omg.
It was nevertheless a very awesome and fun shoot!!! :D

thanks for reading!! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
(yes look at my very adorable inspector~~~♥♥♥)


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