Funan Anime Matsuri tadaaaa~

nah I didn’t cosplay for this event.
I didn’t even thought of going as I wasn’t aware of the event at first until jes told me about it. <–fail
so I decided to just drop by and have a look after my driving lesson that day! :D

So I arrived at funan and went over to camp at jes's work place while waiting for yumi.
and suddenly there's this very familiar face with orange wig, walking towards the shop.
I have always loveddddddddddddd his ichigo and never thought I could see it irl!!!
it is like a dream come true ok? /grins happily

and the best thing is, I thought he wont be able to recognize me but when he saw me, he smiled and said "Oh? Hisashiburi!" then raised his hand up wanna give me hi-5.
I was like stunned for 2 seconds before I quickly reacted and give him hi-5 too.
then I jus kyaaaa-ed and told him I was surprised he recognized me.
and he replied with "of course!" then smiled again.

after that he went to talk to jes and looked around the shop while I just died at one corner happily. (ಠ///v///ಠ)
and yes camwhore picture!

being able to camwhore with him as ichigo, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. HAHAHA!

anyway, we headed to the event after yumi arrived.
so managed to camwhore with some friends too! :D

yep saw angie and yingtze too but couldn’t camwhore with them. T.T
but thanks to them for the coscards! hurrr~
it was really nice catching up with some people at the event too.
can’t wait for cosfest now! :D


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