AoMomo on a date~

It is supposed to be a photoshoot but we didn’t have much pictures.
So I think it is more like a date…with 3 people following us around. LOL. /shot

anyway, kaen and I decided to have a shoot for Aomomo, but we had trouble with the version.
I wanted to do the Teiko uniform ver but we are afraid we might die due to the heat.
so after ransacking my house, I found this:

yes, casual ver of teiko aomomo. LOL!

so setting out to meet the rest!

arrived! sky is pretty but weather was hell.

then we prepared and proceed to shoot…

done! 8D

of course, camwhore pics!

our very sexy photog with very pretty hat:


and some omakes~

height issue, take 1.

height issue, take 2.

height issue, take 3. I don’t even know what to comment anymore LOL.

I don’t know what we are doing here HAHAHA!

awesome saikang helping us with romantic atmosphere~

and ahomine flirts with pole while getting attacked by bubbles… =_=

ahomine wanna go jump down the river while momoi tries to stop him. LOL.

basketball took over photog’s hat and ahomine got attracted by it.
“The only one who can date this basketball is me.”

right ok moving on to ahominexmomo camwhore spams:

and yep that pretty much ended our shoot! WOOOOHOOOO!
rather simple shoot but actually it is tiring.
Not sure why but thanks to everyone for helping out too!
Looking forward to the pics! hehe~

Thank for reading! (=`ω´=)


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