Seirin Senpai Photoshoot!

Oh yea, took me quite long to update my recent shoots I apologize. OTL
Anyway, here’s my Seirin Senpai shoot post! hurrr~

cosplayed as Teppei, the summer uniform version.

This idea was suggested by Dan from the novel and the rest of us thought it was really nice so we decided to do a shoot for it.
it was actually the day after my Seirin vs Touou shoot, so yep that weekend is really busy hahaha!

me getting ready!
simple cos and location near my place = AWESOME. 8D

Anyway we were preparing in the toilet and I guess some people got shocked when they entered the washrooms LOL!

bored teppei. /shot

and yes camwhoring time! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

yea LOL!!!

then uh middle of the shoot, yumi came over to help out~ ♥

and…teppei got bored again.


Anyway, the shoot ended with all the shots we wan!
so yay and group camwhore!!

Then, asta, sihan, dan, xiaobai and I headed over to Zander’s place for his birthday celebration!
thanks to him for the invite and the dinner was damn awesome!
one of the main star dish:


And yes, happy birthday Zander~!

that ended my day and yep, thanks for reading!

will try to update more soon! ^^


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