Taking a break probably.

Yep I previously tweeted something similar and I actually thought about it.
it has been rather tiring for me trying to keep up on both my hobby and work recently.
As I’m also trying to get my car license by this year, it is like more stress adding up which I felt it might be a little too much.

Work has also been hectic so it is really difficult too since I have very poor stamina LOL.
So I will probably go slower on cosplay for now and get back on it once I have settled most of my other things.
I will not stop, because I still wish to have something to keep me going.
Of course my passion for this wonderful hobby is still burning yo! :D
Just that I’m a little tired and felt that I needa take a little break before I continue running.

I will not be planning any new cosplay for this year.
Will only do the ones that I have confirmed and agreed with my friends.
I will also not have any new shoots so I have more time to work on my stuffs during the weekends.

But the ironic thing is I actually have 2 shoots and 1 event coming up in june. (ಠ_ಠ)
And then there’s cosfest in july. OK WTF LOL!
but of course after all these, Imma stop till STGCC when it is around end of august.
should have enough time to rest I hope. ^^

I will still update here as much as I can, but it might get boring so I apologize in advance.
Thanks to everyone who have dropped by and read my rubbish LOL!!!
I will try to post more interesting stuffs if I don’t have any cosplay updates!


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