Seirin vs Touou Photoshoot!!

Yessss I’m really sorry for not being very active on my blog recently!
Have been rather busy with work so can’t update much. Zzzz.
but anyway, here I am finally, with my Seirin shoot last last weekend! o(≧▽≦)o

*squeeze fats*

Was supposed to go for the cure event as well but I had driving lessons so didn’t make it in the end. OTL
in order not to bring too many things for my lesson, I went in half costume.


no make up face. can’t do make up if not my instructor might get freaked out by kagami eyebrows. LOL!

ok so done with driving and it is time to meet up the rest at the court!
I was kinda late so I did my make up in a hurry LOL.
then ta daaaaaaaaa~~ done! 8D

and here comes mass camwhore!

and of course, behind the scene~~

and omakes…

I don’t know… (ಠ_ಠ)

height issues… IT ALWAYS HAPPENS. LOL!

then finally group camwhore before we end the shoot! 8D

then before changing out~

/slaps self LOL

we headed for dinner and I realised I forgot to camwhore with dear kula.
so here’s it:

chuuuu. HURRR.

anyway it was a tiring but fun shoot!
will be updating my other seirin shoot soon!
stay tune and thanks a lot for reading! (^з^)-☆


3 thoughts on “Seirin vs Touou Photoshoot!!

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