Mother’s Day Celebration round 2!

Yeah Hey!!

Well, as I was home that day on Mother’s Day, I decided to bring my mum out to eat again, saying it is a round 2. LOL!
so we headed to the nearest shopping center and had mahantten. xD

took a camwhore with bro but he showed this face as he realised he forgot to bring his wallet. HAHAHA!

arrived and the mall was packed omg.
and while queuing….

did my usual camwhoring thing. LOL.

and finally we got a seat! roar~

yep mini celebration with jus mum, dad and bro.
but it was good, simple and nice LOL!

nothing much happened except that I ate quite a lot. =x

Happy Mother’s Day to mummy again! ♥

Anyway, counting down to Jay Chou’s concert, 21 days.
Can’t believe that I will be seeing him in less than a month!
I have been waiting for this and I think just the thought of it is really driving me super crazy.
Now I jus needa pray I don’t faint when the concert starts hahahaha!

And yes, counting down to Cosfest too!
My costumes are….HMMMM. ಥ‿ಥ
ok uh day 1 is pretty much done since I reused my outfit.
day 2….is really a pain in the ass.
so stressed and I realised I forgot about my wig for day 2. OH GOD WTF IS WRONG WITH ME.
yep all the best to myself and hopefully I can get everything done by june so I don’t have to panic. xDDD

So sorry that my updates have been about my life recently and not on cosplays.
will try to throw more when I have shoots! TvT

Thanks for reading! (*・ω・)ノ


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