Mother’s Day Celebration and some mini updates~

Yep, celebrated mother’s day last week!

I actually wanted to do a photo post as usual but well, I encountered some stupid issue from my phone and lost all my pics. T_T
so I only got this, which was uploaded onto my instagram that day before my photos were gone.

Anyway, I shall now be sure of myself, that I can never eat buffet because it is a waste of money.
I cannot eat too much food at one go. I have to do it slowly.
Then when I feel full, I wont touch anything else (except desserts) because I might vomit everything out. (ಠ_ಠ)
How sad is this, I envy people who can eat a lot please.

But anyway, moving on to mini cosplay updates~
Well, I don’t have much recently, except that I have been sewing quite a lot.
Which is nice because I don’t have to rush when the event/shoot is near. hurr.

I will also be going to this event next week:

So see you there if you are going too!
I actually didn’t know about this event, and have a shoot that day.
but one of my teammate told me about it and he will be going.
then since the shoot is in the evening, I thought of going too since it has been sometime since the last event. TvT
hence I’m actually quite excited. hurrrr.

Nope, turn out that I can’t attend this event due to my driving lesson. T_T
So sorry guys, hope to catch up next time!!! >.<

Some cosplans coming up~~
Kuroko no basket
Psycho Pass
Uta no Prince no Sama

Yep you will probably see some work in progress on my twitter / instagram so for instant updates please do follow me there! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ


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