Happy 3rd Anniversary with my Blog LOL~

Time flies. I didn’t even realised it has been 3 years since I switched from Blogger to WordPress.
Well I would say I really loved wordpress and feel comfortable with it so I will continue using it. ^^
So as a random post, lets look into my history of this blog yeah? HAHA!

There is this stats option which shows my blog stats so Imma just gonna use this~
I don’t really check so this is like a chance I see what are the stats and also, IT SEEMS FUN LOL!
So I shall start with, My Top Posts!
(I removed the cosplay progress and features since those are most likely to be the top posts. I wanna see random posts instead so yeah. xD)

I will just talk about the top 5 I guess, starting from the top 5th post:
Kuroko no Basugay Shoot! Kagami x Kuroko~
okkkkk, so this post got a total of 244 views as of today.
Not bad, interesting.
I guess it is because of the KNB high so yeah~ xD
OR it could just be because of my fail dunk moments. TROLOLOL unglam max.

right so moving on, top 4th!
The sadistic duo – Okita Sougo and Imai Nobume
This post got a total of 309 views as of today.
Maybe everyone just love seeing sadistic people? I’m not sure LOLOL!

Now, top 3rd post!
Gintama + Halloween = Gintama the Horrorween?!
right, who don’t love Gintoki during Halloween? xDDD
I’m pretty sure it is because of the chainsaw, that this post got a total of 314 views as of today. hahaha!

and here comes the top 2nd!
Gintama VS Sket Dance!
This post got a total of 386 views as of today.
the power of both epic series together, you know what I mean. 8D

The top post of my blog of all time will be:
Currently going crazy over KagaKuro
This post got a total of 499 views as of today.
hmmm…I…don’t even know what to say anymore. (ಠ_ಠ)
I guess it just shows the power of fujioshis and kagakuro love? PFFFFT.

But yep! that is all for top posts~
Lets move on to Top Most Visiting Countries~ (*≧▽≦)
1st place, it is Singapore!!
yep well I’m from Singapore so I guess uh my friends are visiting my page to make sure I don’t post unglam things about them. =x
btw, my views to my own blogs are not counted.
this is the setting by wordpress which I felt it is really nice. :D

anyway, 2nd place will be United States!
surprised! I’m so happy people from US are visiting my blog.
ok maybe to see how scary I looked /shot/ but still thank you for visiting!

3rd place is Philippines!!
kyaaaa one of my favorite country to visit, so this is making me really excited!
guys, do I have to say how much I loved Philppines again?

then 4th place will be Malaysia!
another one country I visit quite often.
with many awesome friends from there as well.

Finally, 5th place is Indonesia~~
nyaaa! I only went to Jakarta once but I would say it has successfully made me in love with it.
guys, wait for me, I WILL BE BACK!!

ok that’s end of top visiting countries.
now will be the Top Searched Terms!
these are what people typed on search Engines to come to my blog.
so let’s see what are the most searched terms hehehe!

1st term, sekaiichi hatsukoi cosplay.
hmmm, it has a total searched result of 346 times as of today.
I guess people reached my blog because of Fuji and Kaguya’s cosplay? 8DDD

anyway, the 2nd term is viospace.
it has a total searched result of 331 times as of today.
I don’t think I need to explain how people reach my blog becos of this term. LOL!!!!

The 3rd term will be vocaloid magnet cosplay headphones base.
it has a total searched result of 256 times as of today.
Yep cosplay tutorials, glad people chose to come to my blog eventho it is not exactly very useful. TvT

4th term, sket dance cosplay.
it has a total searched result of 216 times as of today.
perhaps because I blogged about Yorozuya cosplaying as sketdance characters? hahaha!

Finally the 5th term, kagakuro.
it has a total searched result of 172 times as of today.
now, the top post of my blog of all time is about kagakuro so…I’m not surprised.
the power of kagakuro fans are strong. (Y)

Anyway this is the end of my random blog anniversary post!
I’m really happy that my blog is being read by people and I really thank everyone who have commented too!
It is really a very wonderful feeling to have known people cared about my blog. TvT
I will continue to spam and update to make it more interesting!
Also, please feel free to comment and leave a message if you have any questions, suggestions, feedbacks OR ANYTHING!
I will try to reply every one of them! (≧∇≦)/

Thanks for reading!!


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