Updates on life~~

Right…realized I haven been posting much updates here, so sorry. OTL
am going through a rather stoning period of life now so I’m kinda lost as well LOL.
anyway, here’s some mini updates on some events happening recently~

JB Trip on 30th March!

yep impromptu trip with Nik, Athen and Reiko to Johor! LOL~~
we went to KTV and had awesome Bak Kut Teh to satisfy our cravings.

awesome trip is awesome! :D

Changed my hair colour on 31st March~

went to have a hair cut with bro…

and decided to change my hair colour too.
Yes, bleaching my hair for the last time before I change my job in May and back to BLACK. TvT

Turned out to be a peacock, as mentioned by my brother. hahaha!

Dinner at Itacho on 2nd April!

with Nik, man man, DD, athen, jes and alvin~
impromptu dinner again but fun.
had so much laughter on seaweed man. PFFFT.

Dinner with Aruki and Zeph Birthday on 5th April! xD

awesome meeting up with aruki and thanks to Zeph for organizing the dinner too, Happy Birthday to her~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

camwhore before I move on LOL! /shot

Helping out for Kyon’s K Shoot on 6th April~

it was a long shoot but fun as the group is big!! (Y)
everyone looked great hurrr.

Qing Ming on 7th April!
went to tomb sweeping and yep, a day out with the family.

my uncles are lame as usual, they asked why I wore a wig. LOL.

Yokey’s Birthday celebration on 12th April~

Happy birthday to yolk!
and I’m sure he loves his presents… HAHAHA!


Helping out at Unhappy Refrain Photoshoot on 13th April!

helped out in the vocaloid shoot by lenneth, cvy and gkreiko~
all of them looked so good!
had fun helping out eventho it was a really long shoot lol!

had dinner at around 12am (WTF) but it was great!
many thanks to gkreiko for treating! :D

yep and thats all for my mini updates on recent events!
gonna have a shoot next week and looking forward to it!
thanks for reading! (o*・ω・)ノ


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