Gold vs Silver!

yep finally had a Gintama shoot!!!
my first Gintama shoot of the year!!!
presenting Gin-chan and Kin-chan!

/gets slapped for posting this/

ANYWAY, many thanks to my dear gin-chan, Jesuke for agreeing to cosplay this with me.
I lub joo very very much. ♥
also thanks to dear reiko for the wig. (it is her kise wig cos mine died LOL!)
did a trial cos I didn’t know how I looked…

kise in kintoki outfit. PFFFT.

my wip for the kintoki outfit~

it was kinda made last min so I forgot to take much wip pics but yeah.
the swirls killed me tho. =_=

ok moving on to the actual shoot day!
did my make up and went over to meet jes to change~~

I look so suspicious. PFFFT.

Then finally, we are ready! 8D

camwhore! :D

my gintoki bts~~

kyaaaaaaaa~~~ *v*

anyway we ended the shoot when the rains suddenly strikes.
weather have been really bad so yep.
will update on the 2nd part of the shoot soon so stay tune!

thank you for reading! (*°∀°)


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