My cosplay make up progress…well, kinda. #01

Some people have been asking how I do my make up for cosplay,
so uh I took the chance to snap some make up in progress pics while doing up my make up for Reiji Kotobuki.

I’m not really sure what type of characters suit this as I guess most people have their own style,
but for me, this is used more on guys who have bigger kira kira eyes, pretty boys type. LOL!
I don’t think this is a tutorial because it is not helpful. HAHA.
it is just to show you how I do my make up.
my method and steps are wrong too to be honest, you will know when you see it later LOL!
but I continued to do it this way because I’m more comfortable with it. /shot

so here I go~ ^^
(I did not edit any of the in-progress pics, it is raw from the camera so you can see the effect.
so please ignore my very unglam face lol)

1st, I start off with BB cream for base~

(notice I tried to cover my eyebrows too? this help to conceal my eyebrows more so I can change the colour and shape easily)

then, I used concealer to cover up places with pimples and dark eye circles.

(applied onto my eyebrows too lol)

finally, finish off with powder. hur. (no eyebrows oh dear! (  ̄д ̄;) )

alright, I drew a simple line for my eyebrows here so it wont look too weird HAHAHA.

ok, eye liner!

yep, this is how I draw mine most of the time, it changes depending on the character so yep.
one of my eye have double eyelid while the other doesn’t, so I always have trouble trying to balance both out. LOL!

then uh, I will apply a little red eye shadow at the lower outer corner of my eye, saw it on a make up tutorial saying that it helps to make the eye more vibrant. (I don’t know but yeah HAHAHA!)

next, eyeshadow!

used different brown to mix and blend it! ^^
(yes I do eye shadow after eyeliner, which is wrong LOL)

then I applied a little white and silver eye shadow at the corner of my eye too.

I also blend my eyebrows to make it more natural looking. xD

time for fake eyelashes~

Bottom and top, for kira kira effect.
I used the simpler eyelashes for this as Reiji is a male, too much and I will look too uke. T_T

eyes done! ^^

then, contouring….the nose area because my nose is TOO FLAT.

I used brown and some grey for the shadow, then white and light beige for the highlight.

Finally, I missed this out so drew it on, a fake eyelid line. LOL.

I used normal brown eyeliner pencil so it doesn’t look too harsh.

conceal my lips and tada~~

still weird because my hair is pinned up, so let it down to make it look more ‘normal’ LOL.


well, that is all for my reiji make up in progress.
will post up more if I do take pics during my make up! ^^

thanks for reading~ ( ・ω・)ノ


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