Amore a Venezia 2013 + Philippines Trip Day 1 and 2!

sorry for the lack of update, haven got time to organize my pics LOL.
anyway here I go with the update of my Philippines trip last month! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

woke up at alien hour… T_T

and met up with dear reiko for the flight, KO-ed in the plane as usual. LOL!

then we finally arrived, in the Philippines! \(^▽^*) (*^▽^)/
my 4th time and still counting LOL!
didn’t take much pics cos our first day was quite busy, also met up with yolkler and zea during lunch.
we even headed to divisoria omg lol!
then finally dinner, met up with my awesome gang LOL!

misssssssssssssss them all so much! :D

so after dinner, we headed to the hotel and jus KO-ed because it was really late.
woke up for breakfast!

nice view from the hotel. (Y)

after breakfast, we start to prepare for the event! (´・ω・`)

outfit WIP for the event and shoot! hurr~

prepping lol. rin is super fast.

and yes we jus took lotsa camwhore pics while waiting for the organizers to bring us to the event LOL!

then it is finally to the event!
on our way….

and we are finally there!
so here comes mass camwhore! :D

then we headed into the event area to watch some performance..

hi~ LOL!

presenting Romi and Ehmz!
their voices are sooooooo good that I’m turning jelly LOL!

we were being asked to go to the tent for meet and greet session which I missed ehmz’s preforming the song Samurai Heart.
But I heard it outside and stood outside the tent to finish listening to it LOL.
her voice is really nice! (Y)

anyway, back to the tent, more camwhoring LOL!

yes playing with romeo’s bunny ears. xD

my rin cheated on me…. OTL

yes she totally went crazy for yolk’s mikoto AHAHA.

then we went on stage~~ for some Q&A thingy~

more camwhoring at the end of the event! LOL! (enough! PFFFT)

yolkler so cute xD

and this is how yolkler try to take her bag from the back of the car. not very clear but she is on top of the car seat. (Y)

anyway we reached the hotel at around 2am cos the event ended at around 12 midnight omg.
but it was really fun because I got to meet up with my friends and they were all looking so awesome! TvT

also thanks to all for the awesome gifts. kyaaaa~~♥
everyone is so friendly and nice. I hope I didn’t scare anyone tho. HAHA!

reiko and I had late supper (around 4am?!) and we chatted till 5am before the both of us KO-ed. HAHAHA.

the rice is nice too. (Y)

will be updating on day 3 soon on the photoshoot so stay tune!
thanks for reading. O(≧∇≦)O


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