updates on Chinese New Year part 2~

now to day 2 of CNY! :D
didn’t go house visiting on the 2nd day since we finished it on day 1.
so family decided that we should go to the 春到河畔 (Chun Dao He Pan), River Hong Bao 2013 located at Singapore floating platform.

wore this shirt that my bro bought for me. 8D

done preparing! :D

camwhoring with bro and mum~

and here we go to Singapore river~

visited the Merlion place cos mum say it has been a while since we go there.
and I just had to do this. LOL!

then to the festival area~ :D
spamming of pics!

and dad won this snake for me while playing the random games at the uncle ringo corner. LOL!

sunset / night view~

so we head home after dinner as there was nothing much to see.
and we decide to play some mahjong at home since dad also interested~


that’s how day 2 ended~ hurrr.
stay tune for day 3 where we had the friends gathering! :D

thank you for reading! ( ・ω・)


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