Mantama: A Man’s Sword!

“A sword isn’t meant to be sheathed in underwear.
It belongs in a scabbard.”

Well, if you watched Gintama episode 256, you will know what I mean. LOL!
Planned this cracked cosplay last minute with reiko, athen and jes.
thanks to the girls for being so sporty and agreeing to my stupid idea hahahaha!

Made the outfit with shortcuts again pfffft.

also the stupid screw, as my acrylic paint was not strong enough, the spray paint killed the foam balls. T_T

anyway got the wig the day before the shoot so had to rush and cut it. LOL!

felt that I can use it for kuroko genderbend or something HAHA!!!

so woke up early to start on make up!

have been doing more female make up so it was pretty quick for this one. xD

then headed over to meet the rest while nik came over to fetch us to the location!
and tada, all done! GHEY.

camwhore!! :D

and look at the guys.


behind the scene~

Ojisan Tokiko! ( ̄3 ̄)


and uh, my son.


many thanks to anata kyon, yokey, sihan and nik for the shoot! :D
it marked my last cosplay of the year too!

ending the post with a super ghey pic edited by anata LOL!


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