Comic Fiesta 2012 + KL Trip Day 3!

ogays sorry for lack of updates!
finally to the 3rd day, which is day 1 of Comic Fiesta! :D
woke up for breakfast, then headed back to prepare.
was rather a simple cosplay, except that I will look very very disgusting LOL!

make up done and tada, PAAKO DESUUUUU~ PFFFT.

outfit also done last min with many shortcuts.
the long pleated skirt almost killed me. Zzzz.

camwhoring in the room before we head over to the event~

I look so disturbing that even I wanna slap myself LOL!

anyway, MY BEWBS.

yes, balloons. (Y)

ok headed to the event!
we kinda headed straight into the booth area. (it was terrible because of the crowd omg)
then saw many ppl so more camwhore pics!

also manage to catch my 親愛的 dan. LOL!

she is so adorable. and so handsome as ranmaru! *v*

spent a lot on the booths but didnt regret because everything was awesome pls!
ok so after battling with the crowd for awhile, we decided to head back to the cosplayers area.
then found our team members!

then more other camwhores while I ran around the event~~~ (^ω^)

ok so after that we headed back for makan.
and it’s a second round shoot with jes, on kagakaga. =x

look at my seme kagami…. KYAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ /dies happily


anyway that pretty much end my report on day 3.

stay tune for day 4! :D


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