Comic Fiesta 2012 + KL Trip Day 1 and 2!

Right~~~ gotta update quickly before the year ends! ahaha~
Shall start with the first two days of the trip! :D
so woke up at alien hour for the bus!
took cab and went to meet dear Reiko first.
met up with everyone and it is time to board the bus!

we look sleepy haha!

thanks to anata kyon for organizing the group, we arrived at the hotel and checked in.
but it was rather disappointing because the room aint as big as the one we stayed last year. D:
the toilet is pretty tho. LOL!
nothing much happen on the 1st day, we jus had our dinner then head back to sleep.
except that I got pissed becos my sim card couldn’t work for the 3G. FAILED.

so on Day 2, reiko and I slept in while athen and jovelle head for breakfast.
then we woke up and had cup noodles for breakfast lol!
Ren, chuiyen and xiaolynn came shortly after to prepare for our shoot!
yep, we are shooting zodiac Gintama!

done! so embarrassing wearing this outfit around. TARZAN PLS. PFFFT.

the progress. but didnt take much pic becos I rushed it out. LOL!

ok so camwhore before shoot starts!

thanks to zelmer and kyon, we finished the shoot with shots we wanted despite having very limited space to shoot. T_T

behind the scene xDDD

then, when everyone else head back, athen and I went for round 2. KAGAKURO. lol!

uncle kagami!
lazy to redo make up so I just drew the eyebrows over my gintoki one.
I dunno if it is ok but whatever. (too tired to care Zzzz)

thanks to jovelle for helping and dear reiko for shooting.

look how tired they are. LOL!

then it is time to head to KLCC to collect dear’s lens and my topup card from lav.
took off my wig and got shocked by my hair.


anyway, saw Hara when I went to meet lav.

yes I purposely asked for a camwhore to make my anata jealous. xDDD /shot

ok so after that we headed to jes’s hotel for dinner!

very nice home-cooked food. 8DDDD

something random but we realized the TV is smart TV so…

yeah, chionged aoki match LOL!

that pretty much end our 2nd day too!
stay tune for event day! :D


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